My Photo Gears

People say "don't become the slave of your equipment!". However, it's easy for you to say. Along the years I just can't help collecting quite some photo gears, and my wife is not happy about it:) And I got a F100 now!

I am now a proud owner of Hasselblad !

My trigger-happy mouse just got me a D1 !


Equipment I currently own or lock in the closet:


Equipment that I have used and sold:

I have to say that Mamiya is an excellent camera, it is actually much better constructed than Hasselblad and never failed me. However, Medium Format is not appealing these days and my pride prompt me to keep the Hassy instead.

Excellent optics and very cheap!

Zeiss Jena 50mm Flektogon is a good lense, however, the added on adapter (for Mamiya) makes the whole thing awkward, and for the money a Mamiya 55mm or 45mm would be a better choice. Plus this one is so heavy.

I do not know why I bought this lens, unless you are doing some wild life shot, who would want to lug such a 4 lb. monster in their bag? I never used it even once.

Sold this one by mistake, after bought the D1 I want to trim down some film camera gear and list it with a higher asking price. It is undoubtly the best Nikon film camera right now.

The very first Nikon multi-segment meter manual camera. Had one problem with the shutter and Nikon fixed it for $182. You might be better off with a FE2 instead.

You do not use this camera to take photo. Not that it's not capable, but watch how sturdy Nikon used to make their cameras is a real sentimental experience.

If you like Nikon Manual camera and are one of those oldies, this camera is all you need. Central-weight meter without TTL makes you work for every shot. A true classic.

Lots of people do not like N70's interface. However it is much better constructed than the N80. And it's also very reliable. Too bad Nikon put out the New G and VR lens that quickly obsolete this camera.

My first one failed at rear sync flash, which ruined my trip to the Hollywood blvd. I sent it back to Nikon and they claimed it was fixed. Then from time to time the flash is out of sync and messed up some of very important shots I took in China.

However, since I sold my F100 and there is no other AF body support the G and VR lens I acquired, I bought another one for $250 just for the heck of it….

All Nikon 55mm f3.5 are truly jewel in the Nikon line. Not only they are the sharpest nikkor, but their construction makes your mouth watering…..

I never really liked this lens, it is quite soft when opening up and neither fast nor slow. A boring lens that might serve the purpose of day to day shooting. I got the 24-120 VR instead, which is soft too but at least versatile with the VR feature.

Good zoom lens, sharper than all those 5X consumer lens, however, that increased sharpness comes from added weight which is unbearable without AF. I am a firm believer that any heavy lens should be AF, otherwise one really can not focus on the framing, which is the most important part of any picture taking.

This lens is sharp! I would take it over the $1300 Nikon 28-70/2.8 for it only costs about 1/4 of the price! Many photos in Maine were taken using this one and I can not say any complaints. The barrel distortion is a little more than tolerable though. However, words on the street is that the new Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 is the current third-party Nikon killer, I may have to get my hands on one of that….

Famous for its Zeis Tessar lens, which help me selling it at almost the same price I bought it three years ago. Pictures taken by this little guy is sharp and contrasty, but the lack of any control is always bugging me, so I exchange this one with the Ricoh GR1. And now I am happy.

If you ever want to start with Medium format camera but without a rich daddyJ , then this is the best hidden secret one can find! This 6X6 MF camera is dirt cheap yet with a bright view screen, sharp optics and good construction. I would use this one over Yashica 124 and Rolleicord any day.

Digital camera prices are dropping like stocks! The only problem is that stock may rebound, these little babies are going straight down! I bought the 950 for $800 (waited for 3 month), and two years later sold it for $175.

Old but reliable meter, Sekonic's customer services are excellent. I bought it from ebay without a manual, called those guys and they sent me a copy right away and simply asked me to send in $5 later.

Small, sharp and easy to use, this is the best lens for street candid shots, no one would know you are shooting a closeup on them.

This is my main camera for the past 5 years. Even my wife grows to love it. Too bad I have to sell it and Nikon should focus on making cameras rather then some cost-cutting marketing gimmicks that create headaches for its users. The new coming G and VR lens really put N90s in an awkward position and photographers are forced to upgrade to their latest and greatest stuff….

I replaced the 950 with the 4500, never really like looking at the LCD to frame a picture, and got a D1 instead.

It really helps with N90s and SB-26, the fast recycle time (2 seconds) really is a god send for wedding photographers.

Small and nostalgic Nikon flash.

I have another one in my drawer…

Bye Bye film, here comes digital!

Good and versatile Nikon wide angle lens, since on D1, a 20mm Nikon becomes 35mm, 24mm is really obsolete now.

This is a true professional lens, if you are looking for zoom factor then just leave this one aside. Otherwise it is sharp and contrast, minimal distortion and a pleasure to use. I gave it up for the 24-120 VR which I think is a lot worse. Funny thing is that this leans will not focus correctly with Nikon D1. Anyone else ever experienced that?

Best kept sercet in Nikon line. A 1.6 teleconveter that only add 1.3 stop of speed. And it gives you limited AF capability on your old and bulky MF lenses, what more can you ask? Too bad all the new Nikon body does not support this one.



I am always, always looking for a F5, just waiting for the right moment... meanwhile, I am tired of all my equipment and if you want something, make me an offer!
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